Reviving Old Floors – Peel and Stick Vinyl Flooring

Last summer, I finally got the keys to our new house. Yay! But before we could move in, something had to be done about the floors. There are wood floors in every room. I love this about the house! Unfortunately, only the kitchen and bathrooms had floors that had been replaced or refinished. The rest were in pretty sad shape. In the bedrooms, the wood had been painted over at least three times. To revive…

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blue house

New House – DYI List

Since moving to the new house, I’ve talked about “the list”. It’s a list of all the projects for the house. The top picture is where I started. The bottom is from last fall… The list continues. I put “The List” is in year categories, because some of the projects are very large and expensive. Year 5 is planned to be a BIG year! Where I would like to end up: This is my current…

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Successful Razor Clam Digging With Kids

A favorite thing to do in the PNW is clam digging. There are a lot clams to dig, but digging for Razor clams with kids is the best! It’s fun! And outdoorsy! And educational! The trifecta of family activity. Disclosure: Some of the link below are affliate links, meaning that at no cost additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase What’s next? Well, before you…

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paintbrush on wall

Paint Color in an Old House

If you want to change your living space, the first thing that comes to mind is paint. Finding a new paint color can change the whole room in the hours it takes to dry. It sounds so easy. My problem is paint color vs. light in my house. And the fact that paint chips are utter crap. In an old house, there is a lot to paint. High ceilings, miles of trim around every window,…

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