live in a small town

5 Reasons You Should Live In A Small Town

Last Summer, we moved to a town of 1600 souls. I chose for us to live in a small town. There is one grocery store, one drug store, one coffee shop and one tavern. Everything but the tavern is closed by 9pm. It’s at least an hour drive to any city of consequence. In the past, I’ve lived in small towns, suburban towns, major cities and even a megacity. I may still miss all the…

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making jam at home

Dreaming of Summer Jam Making

While the chickens are getting settled in their new digs and the garden will soon be turning green, I’m looking forward to summer produce. I know it’s barely April, but June will bring some of the tastiest strawberries, blackberries and raspberries I’ve eaten ever. You just cannot go back to grocery store berries after that. Just can’t. I have to save that yummyness in jam format. It’s become a must around here. I am not…

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Reviving Old Floors – Peel and Stick Vinyl Flooring

Last summer, I finally got the keys to our new house. Yay! But before we could move in, something had to be done about the floors. There are wood floors in every room. I love this about the house! Unfortunately, only the kitchen and bathrooms had floors that had been replaced or refinished. The rest were in pretty sad shape. In the bedrooms, the wood had been painted over at least three times. To revive…

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backyard chicken adolescents

Backyard Chickens – Week 5

We’ve got adolescents! Our backyard chickens have become teenagers. Those little chicks that fit quite happily into an old guinea pig cage? They’re huge! And rapidly growing out of their enlarged brooder. They’re feathering out and looking a little rough around the edges as the feathers grow in, as young teens do. In fact, their heads are still a touch downy with feathered wings. They look like a 13 year old boy. All huge feet…

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personal organization tools to enjoy life

Personal Organization

Every spring my entire life goes a little off the rails. Working full time with 2 kids, 4 chickens, a cat and dog is can be frantic at times. From February to the middle of April, I’m working from 8am until 8pm and all those balls I’m trying to juggle come crashing down. My favorite line is “Oh crap, I forgot…!” And why did I forget it? It’s always because I was sure I’d just…

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A list of tween easter basket gifts

10 Tween Worth Easter Basket Gifts

Creating Easter Baskets for Tweens is difficult. They too old for stuffed bunnies and cute baby toys. In fact, they often act as though they are already 16 and world weary, already. At the same time, they still want to be kids. They still want to believe in the Easter Bunny, have the fun of hunting for eggs and getting a basket of candy and gifts. After a few weeks of observation, I came up…

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4 week old chick

Backyard Chickens – Week 3

This post contains affiliate links. This means that by clicking on the link and purchasing an item, I may receive compensation at NO additional cost to you. Thank you for your support. It’s been about three weeks since we got our chicks and started on our Backyard Chicken adventure. They are growing fast! I’m guessing that the chicks were at least one week old when we got them, because they have almost completely feathered out! Only their heads…

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blue house

New House – DYI List

Since moving to the new house, I’ve talked about “the list”. It’s a list of all the projects for the house. The top picture is where I started. The bottom is from last fall… The list continues. I put “The List” is in year categories, because some of the projects are very large and expensive. Year 5 is planned to be a BIG year! Where I would like to end up: This is my current…

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Successful Razor Clam Digging With Kids

A favorite thing to do in the PNW is clam digging. There are a lot clams to dig, but digging for Razor clams with kids is the best! It’s fun! And outdoorsy! And educational! The trifecta of family activity. Disclosure: Some of the link below are affliate links, meaning that at no cost additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase What’s next? Well, before you…

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road trip tweens

Road Trips With Tweens

  Road trips with tweens are great! I really think it’s the sweet spot for road trips with kids. They don’t need a ton of extra stuff, are capable of holding their bladder for more than 10 minutes, AND are willing to eat other foods besides chicken nuggets. The thing that makes road trips with tweens so fun is that while they are old enough to entertain themselves, they are still young enough to see…

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