baby chick

Backyard Chickens – The Beginning

Yesterday, we had to drive to the big city for an errand. It just so happened that an urban farm store was advertising that they received a delivery of chicks on the same day. Coincidence? I think not! After we dropped off some art pieces for an show, we drove over to the store. I’ve been thinking about “backyard chickens” for awhile, but my kids were confused… what would we do with chicks? Why do…

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5 things single moms need

5 Things A Single Mom Needs to Make Life Easier

As a single mom, my life is busy. I’m always on the look out on things to make my life easier without sacrificing our values. These are 5 things that I just can’t live without! (this post contains affiliate links. This means that, at no additional cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase, I will earn a commission) My Top Five Dry Erase Weekly Calendar Sticker – Every week, I post our schedule. Who…

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paintbrush on wall

Paint Color in an Old House

If you want to change your living space, the first thing that comes to mind is paint. Finding a new paint color can change the whole room in the hours it takes to dry. It sounds so easy. My problem is paint color vs. light in my house. And the fact that paint chips are utter crap. In an old house, there is a lot to paint. High ceilings, miles of trim around every window,…

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Tackling the Blackberry Bushes in an Over Grown Yard

This post contains affiliate links. This means that by clicking on the link and purchasing an item, I may receive compensation at NO additional cost to you. Thank you for your support! If you live in the Pacific Northwest, one of the things you have to deal with is blackberry bushes. I have to fight on a weekly basis to remove blackberry bushes from my yard. They are insidious! The vines lurk under the soil…

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blue house

New House, New Adventure

The first time I drove by our new house, it looked huge. Way to big for our family to handle and probably requiring too much work to restore. But the yard… I could see lots of space for a garden, chickens and maybe even apple trees. All the things I really wanted in a yard. And there is a garage. And… The more I looked at the house, the more I started to like. Plus…

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computer, book, coffee

5 Reasons to Start a New Blog

I’ve been blogging since well before there was the word ‘blog’. My last blog was shelved more than two years ago. All sorts of job issues gave me little time for my family, let alone finding time to write a blog post. Something had to give and it was the blog. Finally, my life has swung back into an area where my life is more in balance and I can get back to blog writing…

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